Lets Grow Together

I am New to Government and I want you to join me!

I am Michael Heidelberger and I have lived in Brewster Minnesota, almost my entire life. I am father to five children from age 23 all the way down to 3, we have a busy house. I work in Information Technology, if it has a screen or it has electricity going through it, I probably have to work with it day to day.

Living in South West Minnesota has given me many unique opportunities to work with and around farmers. My first job was picking Cucumbers for a local vegetable farmer, and in college I worked for a seed company. After college I found employment working for a livestock feed company, and now I work for a local farmers co-op maintaining the IT infrastructure.

I went to school for Computer and Network Security along with Computer and Network Administration. With one foot in Tech and the other foot in local Agriculture I believe that I can bring a fresh perspective to our politics.

I am passionate about politics and I am also passionate about the people that they effect. Issues get bottled up into black and white choices when often times they are many shades of grey, purple, blue, red, yellow, (insert favorite color here). Our government is a complex system where every bill passed has an effect on issues that most people, including me, might think are unrelated. I want to pass bills that make the most sense for the most people without destroying what makes our State/Country such an amazing place to be.

With your help and support we can grow to be the greatest state in the nation.